Remembering what is important…

Having love, family and kindness around us is so important.

These three pillars are particularly important when it comes to a child’s early development.  Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many children in our country whose early childhood development stages are not filled with love, care and a familial sense of home.  Because we know that a child’s early development is the foundation for their growth and future development, this is particularly concerning.

It is these years of a child’s life that provide the basis for lifelong learning, both socially and cognitively. A child’s early development is the building block on which educational and social success depend.  To nurture a child’s early development is to help shape a young mind to be capable of tackling the many challenges that life can muster up (and there’s a lot of them).

The Philippi Children’s Centre, through working with children from three months to six years, continually supports the early development of children from the Philippi community and the surrounding impoverished areas, providing them with a positive start to their lives.

Learning does not start on the first day of Grade 1, but rather from the moment a child is born. We recognise the importance of creating a pre-school environment in which a child can grow to their fullest potential from day one – socially, emotionally and academically.  .

By focusing on holistic development, we continue to strive towards helping our younger generations in becoming the architects for a better, brighter and more prosperous South Africa.

To each and every parent, collaborator, donor, colleague, and friend – we greatly appreciate your support along the way.


With love and gratitude,

The PCC family.